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Sc2MapPro 1.4.5 Released (patch 2.0.10 supported)
Diablo 3 Simple Hack released.
Get your official membership and try the new Swtor Bot!
Try the 4 state auto start, the auto inject-chrono-mules-researches and the macro bot!
GBot 1.4.1 Released! Pve Bot, speed hack, teleport hack and much more!
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 Sc2MapPro - Newbie Guide 1.3.6+

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Sc2MapPro - Newbie Guide 1.3.6+ Empty
PostSubject: Sc2MapPro - Newbie Guide 1.3.6+   Sc2MapPro - Newbie Guide 1.3.6+ EmptyWed Feb 02, 2011 12:02 am

Completely New to SC2MapPro?
You waited patiently for admin to give you rights but now you don't know wtf to do? Razz

The Admin will send you License.dat Keep several copies of this file; Leave a copy on your desktop for future use.

Use the Installer/Update Tool
So easy to Install and Stay up to date!!

Installer 1.2.1

Offline Installation:
Offline Install By Hatschi


*New* Script Engine
FAQ By Hatschi
SC2Mappro Script Editor 1.0 Beta 1
By Hatschi

SC2MapPro Helper! Edit options. Load/Save Profiles! & Much More!
By Hatschi
Video showing Helper and it's features by davehill

StarCraft2 Must Be Run In Windowed or Windowed (Fullscreen).
Found in SC2 Options

ATI Cards may have problems with Windowed(full), Set Terrain to Low.
If bot doesn't work with old shortcuts use "\StarCraft II\StarCraft II.exe"

  • Extract the bot and put your License.dat inside
  • Open sc2MapPro.exe
  • I Accept
  • Put your profile name (not email) CASE SENSITIVE
  • Save

Your bot is ready to use.. Kind of Smile

Quick and Dirty setup steps to take:

  • First tab
  • Tick 'Show enemies approaching'
  • Change text color for alerts to a nice bright Red *requires restart of bot exe*
  • Change duration for longer if you need it also
  • Click Zerg tab
  • Change Overlords <= 4
  • Tick Enable Researches - CostX 1.5
  • Tick 'Enable auto start up'
  • Start Type = 3x3 drone
  • Click Terran tab
  • Tick 'Warn User - Supply'
  • Supply Depot Warn <= 4
  • Tick Enable Researches - CostX 1.5
  • Tick 'Enable auto start up'
  • Start Type = 3x3 scv
  • Click Protoss tab
  • Tick 'Chrono Boost'
  • Tick 'Warn User - Supply'
  • Pylon Warn <= 4
  • Tick Enable Researches - CostX 1.5
  • Tick 'Enable auto start up'
  • Start Type = 3x3 probe
  • SAVE

Harvesters Per Base
Under Protoss and Terran you will find "max scv/probes per base". Default is 30. When you leave the radius that's about the distance of fog the scv/probe will not longer be counted and it will make more. 30 = 3 per mineral & 3 per gas, 26 = 2.5 per mineral & 3 per gas. I have been using 26. When I leave the radius to build something but then return I am still under 3 per mineral.
I hesitated to add this earlier because there is much debate (on sc2 forums) as to many how many harvesters you need. 2per min, 2.5, or 3. You use whatever you think is best.

Safe Mode & Hook Mode
Safe Mode injects no code. The bot blocks user input during use.
Hook Mode is not intrusive to the user's micro.
Neither mode is detectable. Hook Mode in theory could be because it does inject into SC2 (but then deletes in 5ms-10ms).
If you intend to use full-auto unit production choose Hook Mode.
If you only use minimap hack overlay or use semi-auto mode Safe Mode is a good choice.
If you choose Safe Mode you may tighten up your delays under each Race. Down to 10~15ms both auto-start and ability-cast delay.
Thread:: Safe Mode vs Hook Mode

Replay Protection
For extra safety from a replay ban. Add ~2 minutes to the delay swap key found under each race tab. It looks like (mm)(ss) under the pictures. This disables the swap key ctl 4 from being used early game. <-- ignore this if you don't understand. It's trivial especially if your new to the bot, unless your a sc2 god already no one is going to report you at this early stage of learning to use the bot.


You will need to edit your Researches.dat, put # in front of upgrades you don't want.
Refer to Researches Guide by DingDong for full explanation.

I am not covering special markers for minimap, filters or alerts. They are not needed to get a lot of use out of the program Wink
The defaults for these are pretty darn good already. Step up to them when you are more comfortable with the bot.
jammer817's custom markers *use GIMP to color
Custom Sound Effects By Hatschi
Custom Alerts & Voice Sounds By Jammer817

Save and Close
Use GbdProtector.exe to lock your files. *Sc2MapPro cannot be running*

You are now ready to start the bot and open StarCraft 2!!
Play Melee vs easy computer opponents to get the hang of it
While in those games line up your HUDs to suit you
The minimap auto-aligns but sometimes you need to tweak with +- icons

Click Spoiler to see how minimap alignment works.
You will only need to adjust with - + icons now-a-days
For me it's usually 2 clicks
Zerg Injection & Protoss Chrono Boost use minimap: Terran Do Not


How to set buildings to auto produce.

When you build a building you click on it and it will automatically be hotkey'd.
When you build a second building of the same type, you click on it and the bot will auto hotkey both buildings together.
Zerg Queens - Terran CC's - Protoss Nexus
If you have multiples of these 3 above they get different hotkeys from each other so select individually.
You will find the Hotkey for each building under the Race tab on the bot's window.
Zerg must have all Hives, Hatches, Lairs together on one hotkey

Producing Units is done via a hotkey of your buildings to your Ctl # keys.
Terran default Barracks hotkey is Ctl 8. If you have 3 Barracks they all need to be hotkey'd to this. The bot will do this automatically for you when you build one and click on it. However, you need to know this because if a hotkey is ever messed up you need to fix it.
If a hotkey is ever messed up (has the wrong units hotkeyed in place) you need to Pause (F8) manually hotkey the right buildings Un-Pause(F8)

The Bot will Pause if:

  1. Harvester(s) is/are selected.
  2. Pause button is pressed.
  3. F8 is pressed.
  4. If you activate semi-auto mode and commands, nexus or hatcheries are not currently selected.
  5. If shift-or-control are pressed (only temporary)
  6. If you are chatting.

Zerg Production

  • Zerg only have so many Larva at any given time <- this is why Zerg work a little different on production
  • Checkbox for Drones will only build drones because nothing is cheaper
  • Putting Drones on second dropdown will build drones second
Click to see Example of Zerg by Admin
Building Multiple Unit Types

  • The dropdown has several inputs for units
  • You must put most expensive first, followed by cheaper things
  • The bot will not build more expensive things if the first one is cheaper
    unless you have large abundance of cash and not playing zerg
  • Gas/No-Gas units work very well, Example: Muta/Ling Mara/Marine
How to use Protoss Warp Gate??

  • Set hotkey in the bot's main window, 'Protoss' tab, Pylon = 0
  • During game Click Pylon/Prism or Ctl 0 Pylon/Prism
  • Have units you want on dropdown
  • A button/icon appears under production HUD
  • Once 1warpgate is made, bot will no longer produce at regular Gateways. Ctl Z (reset) is required if you revert
    **The default for Swapkey and Pylon changed recently for Toss. I continue to use 4 as my swap key for all races.
Terran Mules & Supply Drop?

  • Tick box in-game for Auto-Mules
  • Supply Drops: uncheck mules. When you have enough energy, 2 buttons appear under production HUD.
  • Increase Mules energy in bot's main window (75~100) to save energy for scanner
Zerg Inject

  • Bot auto-makes queens, you select them and they are hotkeyed
  • Each queen has her own hotkey, all Hatch, Hives, Lairs on a single one
  • Alignment may need adjusted notch(es) if you get Invalid Target (same for Chrono Boost)
  • If you experience some queens not injecting but others are, Pause/Un-Pause Known Problem in large games

Minimize and editing the bot on the fly

  • Double-click on icon in the Tray to Open Main Window
  • When done *save* and double click Tray icon
  • The taskbar open window will disappear and the bot is ready to work in SC2
  • F7 Key does this on the fly

davehill has made some really cool videos geared towards learning SC2MapPro
7Pool vs Terran (Insane AI)
Terran vs Protoss (Insane AI)

Sc2MapPro FAQ

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Sc2MapPro - Newbie Guide 1.3.6+ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sc2MapPro - Newbie Guide 1.3.6+   Sc2MapPro - Newbie Guide 1.3.6+ EmptySat Feb 26, 2011 2:53 am

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Sc2MapPro - Newbie Guide 1.3.6+
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