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 Some tips for gameplay with bot

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Some tips for gameplay with bot Empty
PostSubject: Some tips for gameplay with bot   Some tips for gameplay with bot EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 12:08 am

Split from a different post. It wasn't much use there so I moved here.
It's kinda rambling but maybe someone could take something away from it Smile

The Bot will Pause if:

  1. Harvester(s) is/are selected.
  2. Pause button is pressed.
  3. F8 is pressed.
  4. If you activate semi-auto mode and commands, nexus or hatcheries are not currently selected.
  5. If shift-or-control are pressed (only temporary)
  6. If you are chatting.


The bot's HUDs will come up during the load screen. I always random so I devise what I'm going to do in this period. Put the first attack units you want to make (marine/zealot/stalk) on the last dropdown box for unit production (if your zerg don't worry about it, they're race mechanic is different).

Let your harvesters build (dont have one selected cause it will pause). Set rally points as you like. Rally points are definitly huge later on, set them on the battlefield or at their door (if your concerned about replay ban then don't?) I win a lot of my matches because I bring way to much gas to the fire.

When you want to build something soon click on a harvester, the bot will pause, you build what you want. Spawning pool or wall off if your other races.

For double extractor trick:
Ctl+Select 1 drone on the left-most minerals and 1 drone on right-most minerals.
Shift build 2 extractors. (shift also pauses too)
When supply is 10/10. Cancel each extractor individual and click drones back to minerals.

When you are zergling rushing... If you are 8+pool when SP is made you should have enough minerals for 1queen 3ling-eggs (sometimes its off aibt). If its -7pool you are going to want to F8 pause the bot while you build first overlord and 3 ling eggs manually. Do this because queens become a problem. Remember if you cancel something the bot did (build queen/upgrades) it won't try to do it again, you need to follow through manually.

When I build things as Terran I select several SCVs and Shift-Build Barracks or Supply Depot (w/e you want).

I don't play 1v1's. I love big games with chaos. I'm usually to be found in 4v4's.

If you are a on a team you can share control with your teammates and they can micro some of your force. This isn't unusual for Terran to share and your teammates will quickly see you have an ass-load of units piling up. Sometimes they might change your rally points if you set them crazy (like i do lol).

Same goes for zerg really. If your teammate zerg is rushing and you are too... It makes a lot more sense to have one guy micro them instead of two people (unless they are decent of course but I play with pubs). I've had other people even offer me control for this type of behavior.

I hope that helps. I wasn't very good with bot at start either (I was also shit-ass-terrible at regular melee SC2 without it). After a dozen games or so I really got into the groove of it and I've been rocking peoples worlds ever since.

Some PM's I wrote another member a few days ago about Terran specifically
Quote :
Yes cheese marine!!! I love it when I random Terran.

Build lots of supply depots and barracks.

At start of game place Marine on the 3rd dropdown box (lowest one). Later on you can add Marader to the second dropdown. Then Tank or Medi for the first drop down. During early game I only set marines at the 3rd and worry about adding more later.

I pause the bot (f8) when I get some gas and make my reactors/tech labs. Set rally points to a good spot.

I usually don't have to worry about medivacs (i play 4v4 mostly). I just mass my shit up as much as possible and send it to the weak points.

Sharing control with your allies and telling them they can use some of your force is also good. If you build a strong enough economy with enough barracks you'll have more then you want to deal with.

Read through the newbie guide. At the end of it there is links to DaveHills videos. Watch the one called 1v1 Insane AI Terran.

At work atm but if you want more specifics I'll try Smile

Good luck Wink

Follow up

Quote :
More things that come to mind...

Use Ctl+1 - 2 & 3 hotkeys to control your forces.

Select a group of SCVs, shift-build barracks & supply depots (when you have the minerals later on to do this)

Wall off early game of course.

I will often micro my upgrades too. If bot builds one, you cancel it won't try again. If you build one and bot is suppose to build it, it won't mess up. I often upgrade my weapons manually but the stim/shield do it by themselves pretty good.

I do not use auto-mules/supply drops. I use the cue's to tell when I have energy and I do it myself (and save when I need scans in the future i.e. DTs banshees).

When I have enough minerals that my marines are flying out and my supply is nice and buffered. I shift buid some turrets at my main base(s).

Put special markers for things that will tear the shit out of your ground forces (collossus) and avoid them.

I usually don't try to mask my map visably by throwing games. When they move their troops I'll move mine to best effect. It depends on if you want to be sneaky about it or don't care if they notice something funny, watch replay and report.

I love it when people harvester rush. I fuck them everytime and everytime they accuse maphacks. I just lol.

I have said I usually always to be found in a 4v4. I do not expand right away. I get a small force of rines and send them to a good spot to cause chaos while I then expand. The maps that have destructible rocks, I always rally my marines there and destroy it if I can. Most people are stupid and don't even have visuals there. If I can get the path cleared it's usually GG for them lol.

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Posts : 279
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Some tips for gameplay with bot Empty
PostSubject: Some tips for gameplay with bot   Some tips for gameplay with bot EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 12:22 am

You will only need to adjust with - + icons now-a-days
For me it's usually 2 clicks
Zerg Injection & Protoss Chrono Boost use minimap: Terran Do Not
This quote is no longer needed for 1.2.9 Beta
However, this is still important to know even in newest Betas.
You will likely need to adjust 2-click bigger for perfect alignment

Quote :
How to set up the MiniMap HUD
Some tips for gameplay with bot 210
The Minerals on your HUD Overlay will toggle the Minimap from stationary to movable.
You need to align the HUD to the Minimap

  1. Push Minerals Icon to enable movement
  2. Align Left and Top side - OLD NOT NEEDED
  3. Drag bottom right to fit - OLD NOT NEEDED
  4. Fine Tune with and -+ icons (1 or 2 Clicks +)
  5. Now you need to align the red outlines to your buildings - OLD NOT NEEDED
  6. Push Minerals icon when done

How to get it perfect
Protoss and Zerg use Minimap.
Remember now-a-days you only have to use -+ buttons

Some tips for gameplay with bot 3toss10

  1. Turn Off Auto-Start, the click it makes will go to score screen if it's on
  2. Create Custom Game
  3. Choose a large map (example Outpost)
  4. Start game with only yourself as Protoss
  5. Don't create units, make a Nexus on farthest side or a couple
  6. Now center map
  7. Test by turning on Bot's Chrono Boost and probe production
  8. Map should be set for other races and even smaller games like 2v2

I found aligning to a huge map with a few bases works better then a small map. If you play mostly smaller games maybe align to that size map.

Sometimes you will need to adjust your alignment a tiny bit. I find it a habit to toggle the 'minerals' button at the start to check the outline around my base. Use the minerals on the other side of the map to help you judge but the importance lies in the outlines around your buildings.

Why do I have to align?

  • Protoss : Chrono Boost
  • Zerg : Larva
  • Terran : Supply Drop and Mules

Auto-Start up does not require this nor does Unit Production.

If the game is screaming about "Target Structure" then alignment needs adjusted.

You don't have to make a test game like that. We use to have to align that thing manually. Now the bot gets you on spot but sometimes it needs a click up.

Depends on your res I think. My labtop takes 1+ click but my Desktops usually take 2+ clicks

I would suggest not moving it from it position just use the +- buttons. If you do move the overlay for the minimap, (for me atleast) it isn't awful to get it back aligned. You can do it real-time while the bot is trying to inject, albeit messy it yields results (also can do it while paused, then unpause).

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Some tips for gameplay with bot
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